Wine Tours

Our company organizes exclusive, private tours to major wineries of Santorini for you to discover the history of our wine and taste the unique local wine varieties and delicious food of Santorini. Those who wish may even buy select products and fine wines of the island.

What is included in a Wine Tour

KD Tours organizes exclusive private visits / tours to the three major wineries of Santorini. You may taste the wine at all three wineries and even try local dishes of the island at one of those wineries.

You can visit and have a tour at the single only wine cave-museum in Greece, built 8 meters under the ground and get the chance to learn the history of wine through unique presentations.

The tour is accompanied by audiovisual material about the vineyards and the winemaking tradition and also includes a visit to the aging cellars.


The duration of the wine tour is 4 hours and includes visiting, touring and wine tasting at three fixed wineries (one of the included wineries also serves local dishes).

We offer the option to extend the duration of the tour and even visit additional wineries.

Additional offers

If you wish, you may purchase wines and other traditional local products such as Santorini’s cherry tomatoes, capers, beans etc.

Requirements to participate

Our visits to the wineries are private and require early booking using our website or by contacting us on the telephone.