Private Tours 24 hours

Private tours are for those of you who are interested in luxurious, discreet and exclusive transportation and touring around Santorini. Our staff is always available to handle any transportation needed for your trips and to suggest interesting destinations for short or daylong excursions. Whatever your choice, we are always available to safely transport you, your family or business associates

Transportation is made with luxurious, air-conditioned minivans with a maximum capacity of 20 people. Our vehicle fleet is at your disposal 24 hours a day.

What is included in private tours

Private tours include pick-up from your most convenient location and exclusive transportation to one or more locations / attractions, with our experienced staff giving you info on the areas you visit.

You can choose which areas, sights and beaches of Santorini you wish to visit as well as how long the whole trip lasts, planning the duration of each stop you make on the course.

As an alternative, our staff can suggest the ideal routes and destinations according to your requirements and available time

What is the cost

The cost of each trip depends on the destinations chosen, the duration and number of passengers. Express your interest and / or book online using our website to receive a 10% discount on the offered price. Contact us and together we can find a package offer that meets your needs.


Tour Suggestions

Have a look at our tour suggestions section for places we suggest you visit during your stay on the island of Santorini. Select the destinations you are interest in and we will gladly transport you to them whenever you want.