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The visitor who intends to visit the island of Santorini for vacations, needs to be informed before his arrival on the island about the places he can visit, depending on his preferences.

KD Tours organizes all day or half day tours for its customers all over the island.

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1. Emporio

Santorini Map - Emporio

We start from the southern part of the island and visit the largest village, Emporio. The main attraction is medieval "Kastelli". Entering Castelli, the visitor remains speechless with its architecture, its narrow streets, small stairs, arches and vaults.
Moreover, the visitor can enjoy a coffee, tea or ouzo with appetizers at traditional cafeterias, or buy local products from small shops, or finally visit the church of Panagia and the medieval building of Goulas.

2. Black Beach

Santorini Map - Black Beach Perissa

As the journey continues we are heading even further to the south, in Perissa and Perivolos with the black beach which is considered to be the most popular and crowded beach.
It is a long beach that starts from Perissa and ends at Vlychada. In this part of the island, there are countless coffee shops, for lunch or drinks. There are also many cafeterias with umbrellas on the beach in order to enjoy swimming.

3. Akrotiri - Red Beach

Santorini Map - Akrotiri and Red Beach

After the Black Beach, we arrive at the Red Beach. This beach comprises a truly rare sight to the visitors. The red volcanic rocks and pebbles contrasting with the dark blue color of the sea offer a unique landscape.
The visitor can walk for ten minutes to go reach this amazing scenery and take a photograph. Just before we reach the Red Beach, we pass by the archaeological site of Akrotiri. This is one of the most important archaeological sites of the country, really worth visiting. 
The buildings are unique examples of impressive architecture, while the pottery, tools, figurines, impressive frescoes provide valuable information for the community of Akrotiri.

4. Firostefani

Santorini Map - Firostefani

Next stop, beautiful Firostefani. Firostefani is a village, the biggest part of which is  built on cliffs, thereby offering fantastic view. Therefore, at this point there is a short stop only for photos.
The point of Caldera, where you can take pictures, is close to the famous church with the blue dome that has starred in numerous photographs depicting Santorini.

5. Oia Sunset

Santorini Map - Oia and Sunset

Last stop in famous Oia. Shortly after noon, and after we finish our tour, we are heading for the upper side of the island – that is how Oia was characterized during the old times.
Oia is one of the most well known destinations and is famous mainly for the sunset. While reaching this charming village, the visitor has the opportunity to make a walk in its marble paved street, watching the shops and admire one of the rarest sights on earth, the breathtaking sunset.
After applauding the sunset, the time of return and completion of our trip has arrived!!!!

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