Wineries of Santorini - Wine Tasting

Santorini is famous for its high quality and tastefull wine and for wineniers that are worth visiting not only to learn the secrets of wine but to taste the local wine varieties..

Wine is a living organism that is constantly evolving, following the circle of his life. Born in the winery, passes the first phase of youth immediately after bottling passes to maturity, aging and finally dying. The lifetime for each wine is different. Some wines complete the life cycle in six months, others in 5 years and other in 15 years.

In Santorini is the only cave wine museum in Greece which is 8 meters below ground. The visitor during the visit can see representations of the history of wine and learn the ways of production.

It is worth visiting the aging cellars and taste the local wine flavors and delicacies. In most wineries there is the possibility to purchase local wine.

The Vinsanto of Santorini is a traditional sweet wine with dark bronze color, which belongs to the category of wines Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality (AOSQ Santorini).
The harvest is done around mid-September and is initially sun-dried (sun exposure) of grapes (imistafidomena grapes) for a few - ten to fifteen - days. This process leads to loss of water and increased sugar content. Wines, produced in that way are called "straw wine". Pressing of grapes is made with manganese. The must obtained, is driven in wooden barrels, to follow the process of fermentation for at least four months. Then, it is  left to mature for at least two years in oak barrels. According to the law, the grapes must be at least 51% of the variety Assyrtiko, while the remainder should be grapes of varieties Aidani and Athiri or other white grapes that aregrown traditionally in Thira and Thirassia.
There are two theories about the origin of the name. One theory wants its name to come from the use of the Eucharist (In Italian vino santo: "holy wine"), while another suggests that the origin of the wine (In Italian vino di Santorini: "wine from Santorini") .
Under current legislation, the labels and packages, the Vinsanto name is written always with letters of the Latin alphabet of the same type and color to form a whole. However, the promotion and advertising bulletins addressed to a Greek consumer, the name may be written with letters of the Greek alphabet, namely: Βινσάντο.
In Santorini it is also made a black sweet vinsanto with grapes, Mandilaria or Vaftra, which, however, does not belongs to the category of wine AOSQ.

KD Santorini Tous organizs VIP / Private tasting tous to the main wineries of Santorini. For more information, see Wine Tours or contact us.